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Monday, August 21, 2006

Culinary Avenue

The canal we're living on at the moment is slightly grandiosely called by the local council a "culinary avenue." What this means is that there are a couple of bars and a few restaurants along the water's edge and the place has been generally done up a bit - new lights etc. But for those of us at the Zuidwal end of the canal the gentrification has not yet arrived.
Here's a letter from our neighbor to the local rag, translated with only minor embellishments) from the original Dutch by me:

"I get more and more pissed off when I read about the Culinary Avenue. I live on the bit of canal after the Bierkade on the Zuidwal. This part of the canal has always been the unwanted bastard child of the canal. On this section of the canal the problem of traffic, (dope-selling) coffee shops and whore visitors are only getting worse. Other parts of the canal have been renovated - and how! New parking places, beautiful lamps and pretty terraces. Sadly I have to say that on my part of the canal things are only getting worse." etc etc. Ada van Vliet, Den Haag.


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