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Thursday, September 14, 2006

new job Irmie

From this week I am the new OT in de "Bieslandhof " in Delft. I have no desk as we are all flexworkers so I have no idea what to do with my stuff, I have a new mobile phone which is only for business use and all my patients are disabled and sick and old. And I miss my old collegues. Yet it is nice to be back in OT land and solve problems with wheelchairs, cushions, bathrooms etc. We also do our home vistis on the bike. Everyone has been very kind and welcoming and to get to work only takes me 20 minutes by car. I'll ride my bike very soon.
I am exhausted but feel very satisfied and can't wait for my first payslip. I might buy some nice winter clothes.


Blogger Eveline said...

Gefeliciteerd! En ik hoorde al via mijn nichtje dat zij op een meisje past die met Esther ging spelen. Zo klein is de wereld! Veel suc6 met je nieuwe baan!

6:15 PM  

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