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Saturday, August 26, 2006

New House

Hopefully, fingers crossed, (nothing's signed yet but we have a verbal agreement on price and date we can move in) this is our new house! It's a 1930s terrace in Voorburg, a historic village on the edge of Den Haag most famous as the former home of Constantijn Huygens, a Dutch Golden Age thinker who is famous for thinking a lot about the universe back in the good old days when a man with a pointy beard and ruff could still make a decent living thinking about the universe. His house, slightly more spectacular and historic looking than ours, is in a manicured park within coughing distance of the main motorway and rail line into The Hague. Our house (hopefully, fingers crossed etc.) is set on a leafy street next to a park and walking distance to the heart of the village. We now just have to find a bank willing to lend us a mountain of cash and then we can finally be reacquainted - in mid-October - with our belongings which are still in storage in Rotterdam. One we've signed and paid etc, we'll post a bunch more pictures and then pictures of us ripping out walls and installing a new kitchen - or possibly more accurately - us handing over more cash to builders to rip out a wall and put in a new kitchen.
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Blogger Marielle Scholten said...

Dat ziet er niet verkeerd uit! Good luck and fingers crossed!

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