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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Kroller Muller Museum

Today we went to the Kroller Muller Musem, a very nice art gallery hunkered down in the middle of the Hoge Veluwe Park in the central Netherlands.
For those interested, you can find it on Google Earth at Latitude 52° 5'44.08"N Longitude 5°49'0.82"E.
An aerial shot is actually quite useful, because it shows the forest and lawns that surround the museum - all of which are dotted with sculptures - Henry Moores, Barbara Hepworths (don't feel like some kind of philistine if you haven't heard of Babs, I just had to google her to get her first name) and a load of others whose makers i've already forgotten. It also shows the big sand dune pictured in the posts below - and don't i feel pleased with myself for writing these three posts in reverse order to get them in the right sequence on the blog.
The museum is crammed with exceptionally good stuff. It's not huge but has lots of Van Goghs, a room full of Mondriaans and loads more Dutch stuff as well as a scattering of French 19th/20th century stuff, a few Picassos and lots more extremely interesting things. It was a little heavy on conceptual art for my likings - a room which had a rectangle on the floor made of slightly bent nails was one of a few exhibits that lit up the neon "But is it Art?" sign above my head. Fortunately, my fine friend Daniel was visiting from England and happens to know a thing or two about art so he was able to reassure me that, Yes. It is art. I left the "But what does it all Mean?" question unasked.
You get to the museum itself by abandoning your car at the edge of the park and hopping onto one of 1,400 frees bikes left out for visitors then pedalling a few kilometers through pine forests and barren heath landscapes to the building.
The park and particularly the dunes somehow reminded me of Australia - I remember running over dunes near Hawk's Nest a couple of hours north of Sydney with Esther and Julia when they were still very young. Also, the sculpture above put me in mind of a bleached miniature version of Kata Tjuta (The Olgas).
I'm guessing that anybody visiting us from Australia, England or anywhere else may well get taken here.
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