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Thursday, February 08, 2007

More snow

Yet more snow today. Three full centimeters. Enough for the Dutch meteorological service to issue a "weather emergency warning." I didn't read it, but the warning (highest priority, batten down the hatch-type stuff that was flashed all over the news) probably advised people to wear wellington boots and wrap up warm.
The girls were very pleased. This is the first snowman (the Dutch call it a snow doll for some reason) I've ever built with them, so it was fun for me too.
We also got to use their new sled/sledge for the first time. This sounds exciting until you remember we live in the pancake-flat Netherlands so a trip on the sled(ge) involves me dragging the pair of them around the park over the road to us and thanking kind old mother nature that she put something in dog turds that makes them melt snow around them - even the old, cold ones.
Last night I played hockey _ using a white ball _ with a few other hardy souls on a pitch covered in frozen snow. It's a miracle I didn't re-wreck my ankle. Actually, for those of you who care even a tiny bit or (Tim Shields) have their own Achilles nightmares going on, the interesting news is that the left (surgically darned back together) tendon actually is performing far better than the undamaged right one.
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