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Saturday, May 03, 2008


I was just sitting down for a last news check before going to bed and i saw an interesting little brief which I translate below. 
First a bit of background. May 4 is the day the Dutch commemorate their war dead with two minutes of silence, laying of wreaths etc. Staphorst and Genemuiden are villages full of crazies who adhere extremely closely to certain Biblical strictures. 
These people are Calvinists with a fat red line under the capital C. They're known as black stocking villages because of the sober dress code and they take their Sunday-as-day-of-rest VERY seriously. They don't so much as hang out the washing and for some reason nor do they drive cars on the Sabbath (I just checked Genesis and God also didn't drive a car on the seventh day).
So anyway, here's the story in all its brief glory:
"Strict Christian municipalities such as Staphorst and Genemuiden have held their commemoration services this (Saturday) evening. So as not to disturb their Sunday peace, the villagers did not want to hold two minutes silence on May 4. "
You've got to love a religious group that believes two minutes of silence will disturb their peace.


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