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Saturday, February 24, 2007

video choice

I just got back from renting a DVD for tonight.
After the usual seven hours of wandering around the aisles in Voorburg's criminally understocked Videotheek, it came down to a choice between The World's Fastest Indian and Al Gore's global warming documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Irmie didn't like my last choice of film, so I opted for the documentary which I thought she'd like (enjoy seems the wrong word) more than a movie about a New Zealander trying to break the landspeed record on a motorcycle.
Now I'm thinking that maybe I should have got the motorbike film because after watching the Gore we might decide to boycott the Indian on the grounds that clocking up hundreds of kilometers an hour using an internal combustion engine and two wheels may not be exactly what the environment's waiting for.
I'd been a little concerned about the whole rising sea level thing as we now live below the existing sea level let alone whatever it might be in 100 years. However, thanks to a handy online map that shows where the beach will be depending on how high the sea level gets, I now know that it will have to go up by a whopping two meters before we need to move the fridge up to the first floor.
To see when your home will become a coveted beachfront retreat, go to:


Blogger dan said...

Where's my credit for the website?

7:03 AM  
Blogger Hong Kong Merretts said...

Boyd and I are also born again environmentalists after watching Al Gore. Boyd has used his new green status as an excuse to replace three of our cars with one new one (albeit with the horsepower and fuel emissions of the other three combined). I'm taking the MTR to work and flit around the house turning off lights. Not sure whether we can stop the water lapping at your doorstep - it looks like pretty much all of Holland disappears in the North Sea - but we think we're buying you time to put your wellies on.

8:48 PM  

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