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Saturday, March 17, 2007

New bitch on the block

Meet Dingo. Our new dog.
We picked her up today from the Hague pound at eight weeks old. The middle picture is of Irmie with Dingo's mother so I'm guessing our puppy's good looks may not last all that long.
We don't think she's going to be accepted at Crufts any time soon. The mother may have once been related to some kind of mountain cattle dog, but who knows. The father eloped before his pedigree could be confirmed.
Here's your Dutch word of the week: Mongrel = Bastard.
If I could have got away with it, I'd have called her bastard - I consider it a more affectionate Australian name than dingo.
If there is an excess of puppy shots in the coming days, I apologize. She is very photogenic. I'll try to keep the pix to a minimum.
Irmie read about a little of puppies and mother that were left in a doorway a couple of months ago. She and the girls went to the pound that was looking after them and that was about that. We had been thinking of getting a pedigree Labrador, so the cold-hearted owner who dumped the mutts did us a favor.
She's been with us all day and is settling in nicely, and by that I mean she's crapping and pissing on the floor.
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Wat een leuke naam zeg!!!

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