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Monday, August 20, 2007

Hols III

All hail the Alpine weather.
For those of you interested in continuity and who haven't read the blog for a while, I'd suggest scrolling down a couple of posts and then returning here.
After moving mum into her new house, we headed across country and uphill to my brother Will's new chalet, which he bought with soon-to-be-wife Alex near Les Deux Alpes. We stayed there for three nights enjoying fine food, learning to play poker and wandering around the mountains.

The ski lift in Venosc, gateway to the real mountains.
One day we all boarded a nasty ski lift to head up to Les Deux Alpes where you can ski all year around if you want to take an hour long cable car odyssey to a glacier, which the girls did. I stayed at the base with Will and his soon-to-be-brother-in-law Ben and played golf. Much more civilized, particularly after my chip in birdie on the fourth.

Pining for some decent weather.
While we were at Will's - and just before we went camping at a site down the road - we had the immense pleasure of watching a fantastic hail storm batter the valley they live in causing only minor flooding to Will and Alex's basement. The picture at the top of this post shows their deck littered with hail stones that undoubtedly would have punched straight through our tent had we been sleeping in it. As it was, the girls hit the hot tub on the deck just until the lightning started, at which point they beat a hasty retreat. The more sensible among us stayed inside drinking beer and contemplating just how much fun the storm would have been under canvas.

Will and Alex's place.
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