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Friday, October 19, 2007

Kitchen chaos

We have no kitchen at the moment. Or, to be more precise, we have two kitchens: our old one which is in the front garden, the back garden and the conservatory, then we have a new kitchen which is stacked up in our dining room. All we have in the room formerly known as the kitchen is dust. Lots of dust.
Irmie started the process of removing the kitchen by chipping away tiles while I was in France. I got involved on my return and last weekend the menfolk from Irmie's DIY-proficient family came to complete the job.
Our builder was supposed to come on Tuesday to prepare the space for installation of the new kitchen. He arrived Thursday.
He's drilling as I type, driving our snotty anti-noise neighbor out of her home and creating billowing clouds of gritty dust that have turned the curtains, table, fruit bowl and dog grey.
He'll be back tomorrow with a plasterer and hopefully on Monday can begin putting up cupboards and plumbing in the dishwasher, a process expected to take three days that will finally end more than a year of cruel and unusual punishment in the Corder household: having to do the washing up. All the dust will have been worthwhile.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This "Siberia-look" is quite nice though. You may have hit on a trend!

Washing up by hand for more than one person should be illegal. Ironing too, by the way.

Glad to hear you are well and hope al the dust will settle soon.

10:59 PM  
Blogger B said...

We have a dishwasher, but still don't use it. Don't want to be putting sheila out of a job. Her 13-strong family in the Philippines is relying on her. Currently in Hong Kong, hence being able to access your seditious website. Back in Beijing - the blogless land - next week. Becky x

2:23 AM  

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