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Monday, August 20, 2007

Hols IV

Langres Cathedral.
Last stop was Langres, halfway between the Alps and Voorburg where we pitched camp for a nights to break up the journey. I'd never heard of Langres, but it was a beautiful walled town with an old church and streets and streets of amazingly preserved old houses. It was so picturesque even Esther and Julia didn't whinge as we dragged them around the place.

Julia's Velvet Underground moment.
It was all so unspoiled and timeless, that all the pictures I took that day somehow look better in black and white.
Somebody even parked an old Citroen in this street to add a bit of atmosphere.
And then it was done. We had our last meal in France in an Italian restaurant, saw rain clouds looming, broke camp and made a six-hour dash through northern France, Luxembourg, Belgium and home. When I found my motorbike was still parked where I left it chained to the house, my holiday joy was complete.
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