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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dutch idiosyncrasies 3

More odd Dutch stuff.
After much hunting, this typeface is about as close as I can get to how Esther and Julia now have to learn to write at school. It's still not nearly as strange as their writing, which includes letters like g and y which swirl back up to join to the next letter, an open b and p, if you know what I mean, and a very strange x that I can't for the life of me learn. (A better typeface in Word is Script MT bold).

Esther came home after one of her first days in class and said it was great but she couldn't read any more.
This sounded odd (she can read Dutch and English just fine) until we realized it was the handwriting she couldn't read, not the words themselves.
Both Esther and Julia are now getting the hang of this rather baroque way of writing and I've decided to learn too.
The process is not speeding up my note taking at press conferences, but it is kind of fun relearning a skill I've taken for granted for so many years.


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