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Monday, November 06, 2006

Julia's question

Saturday night I had the following conversation with Julia.
Julia: Mum can I ask you a question?
Me: Sure
Julia: When are we moving back to Australia?
Me: I'm sorry darling not for a while.
Julia: I know that you were born here, but I was born in Australia and I miss Neisha, and Beecroft school and Bridget......
There was no further conversation, Julia sobbed and I had to swallow hard. She has also asked for a dog , maybe it's time for a pet...


Blogger Hong Kong Merretts said...

Dear Julia,
Sometimes Uncle Boyd misses Australia too because he, like you, was born there.
But he always thinks that whatever country me, Harry and Lily are in is his real home. Harry and Lily also like watching The Wiggles and Crocodile Hunter to remind them of their holidays in Australia.
We are very much looking forward to seeing you and Esther in December. We are going to stay in Duinrell near you and we would love it if you would come and stay with us for a few days.
Love from Auntie Becky, Uncle Boyd, Harry and Lily xx

4:35 PM  

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