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Friday, October 20, 2006

On the move

We've moved. This is a before, during and during sequence (I suspect the after shot may have to wait a few weeks yet) of pix of the front room of Schellinglaan 18 starting Monday night after we exchanged contracts. I thought the fact that the previous owner was weeping as she signed over the house was a good sign.
Second and third pix are Tuesday and the final one is Friday. Still a long way to go with unpacking boxes, getting bits of new furniture, hanging up paintings, but we're getting there. The only thing damaged in the move was a picture frame which i'd actually been considering replacing for a long while. When I thanked the removalist for dropping it, he looked insulted and said that it had come out of the container that way and that he NEVER dropped anything. Earlier Tuesday the same man had borrowed our car to go rescue his cat. I thought it an inauspicious start to the unloading of the container, but I think it somehow put him in our debt so once he got back from retrieving Tiddles from the tree it all went extremely fast - he and one his sicekicks even lugged our new washing machine up two flights of stairs. The machine is tiny but packed with concrete to stop it dancing around the attic so it is as heavy and unwieldy as an old English phone box if you're carrying it upstairs. I know, because I lugged it with the help of Irmie's dad and our burly ex-traffic cop friend Rob Stevens (take a bow boys) down two flights of narrow stairs at our old canalside house. After one set of stairs i was ready to toss it out of the window and try my luck fishing it out of the canal.
Just when I was getting totally pissed off with unpacking boxes today I found a large unopened pot of Vegemite and my golf clubs. Made it all worthwhile.

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