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It's like having the Corders round for dinner - except the kids don't smash stuff and Mike doesn't drink all your booze. And when you're bored you can get rid of us with a mouse click rather than having to start tidying up the house.

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Dinner

Last night the girls had a dinner party at school, everyone brought a plate to their classroom which was turned into a restaurant for the occasion. While the girls ate their yummy dinner the parents spend their time in the playground, drinking too much gluwine and eating Dutch favourites. (stampot- mashed potatoes with kale and a smoked sausage or thick pea soup). I wasn't looking forward to it at all as I suspected to be standing there in the cold, just smiling, all by myself and my dear husband. But I was wrong and things are starting to change. We are finally getting to know a few people and the night turned out great. I even made plans with another mum to join the local hockeyclub.
The night was complete when the girls came out of class and were just over the moon. They had their best time and despite the temperature of 6 degrees my heart turned all warm. Thing are going to be OK.


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