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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New vocab

Today's new word, brought to you by Heidi and Bert, is: sleurhut.
Literally translated this means drag shed. Refers, of course, to the quite rightly much maligned caravan. I can see why one might need one when heading through the Outback for six months at a time - though what's wrong with a couple of swags in the tray of the ute, is beyond me - but why own one in Europe. For the amount of money you add to your fuel bill dragging one to the south of France, you could stay at a beachfront hotel in Monte Carlo - or at the very least drive down in a civilized way and pay for some French lackey to put a tent up for you somewhere on the Mediterranean coast. This has the added advantage of having a French person do a menial task for you, a foreigner. Doesn't get better that.


Blogger Mark Baker said...

Mike..yes dogs always major chick magnet...why do you think I always walk our dog..and pretend we should never have got it...welcome!!

11:10 PM  

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