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Friday, October 26, 2007

Near complete kitchen

So here it is. Near as damn it finished. The only thing missing is a second shelf supposed to be above the lone shelf now hanging above the sink. It was broken so a new one is coming next week. At the moment, we just have what look like three bullet holes in the wall where it should be.
However, we do now have a gas stove with four working gas things (what are they called? burners?) instead of three and we no longer need matches to light them.
We have an oven with all its knobs - our previous oven had lost two knobs so had to be turned on using a wrench and you had to guess how hot the oven was going to be by turning a little metal stalk where the knob used to be all the way clockwise and then twiddling it backwards.
We also have an extractor fan that actually extracts fumes, though it remains unclear exactly where it extracts them to. My guess is the neighbors' attic, but they haven't complained yet.
We have a fridge with a door that closes, which has to be a good thing for food quality and should shrink our carbon footprint by a couple of sizes.
We also have this machine - the small second tap on the left in the picture - which delivers boiling water whenever you want it. It's very cool. When you want a cup of tea, you just fill the cup direct from the tap and dunk your tea bag. Same thing when you need to boil pasta or vegetables. The kettle has been mothballed and the children given asbestos gloves and canisters of spray-on skin.
I'll say this just once, because I hate to harp on about it: We have a dishwasher.
You know those images of Victorian families assembled around a piano or harpsichord singing songs together to amuse themselves? That was what we were like on the first night we got to turn it on. We each ceremonially deposited our soiled dishes in the racks then turned it on and just stood listening to its gentle hum. It was like little angels were inside licking our plates clean.
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