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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Red Army

So the "visual action of Russian fan supporting on the match with Greece" in Salzburg turns out to be a whole bunch of Russians waving flags.
"Due the hymn of Russian Federation" they waved red, white or blue flags to look (kind of) like a giant Russian tricolor. It was indeed a "great composition on Russian tribunes." I'm not quite sure the picture does it justice.
More interestingly, Russia kicked into gear in a big way and booted defending champion Greece out of Euro 2008 with a 1-0 win that could easily have been 3-0. A win against Sweden in their final game should seal a dream quarterfinal (for me, anyway) with the mighty Dutch team in Switzerland.
By the way, did anybody notice how I managed to wait 11 days before using the phrase Red Army? I'm proud of myself. I haven't used it once in AP copy because I know it wouldn't make it past the editing desk.


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