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Friday, June 13, 2008

Russain press release

Covering the Russian team here in Austria can be tough. The Soviet Union may have dissolved a quarter of a century ago, but there's something distinctly Kremlinesque about the media operation. The team holds a media briefing each morning at 10 a.m. at which team spokesman Ilya comes and shakes all the journalists' hands and then leaves. Coach Guus Hiddink declared the team's hotel a no-go zone for journalists, but he's given at least two one-on-one interviews there himself and I regularly hang out by the front door and interview players (with the help of my new Russian journalist friend, Sergey). Which is fortunate, because the football federation's English language press releases sometimes lose a little in translation. Here's a recent one. Sausage and homemade sauerkraut for anybody who can tell me what it means. I've itallicized my favorite sentence:
RUF and AFFU discussed questions about performance organization on a match Russia- Greece with Salzburg’s authority.
On June 12-th there was meeting between representatives of FUR, AFFU and representatives of Salzburg security structure on Euro 2008. During this conference both sides discussed details of visual action of Russian fan supporting on the match with Greece, which will be on June 14 on a stadium “Wals- Siezenheim”. As a AFFU’s scenario due the hymn of Russian Federation before the beginning of the match with Greece, will be great composition on Russian tribunes (organizers keep the design in a secret). Representatives of Salzburg arena discussed and give approvement and give help for the visual action preparing.Austrians marked high level of Russian supporting on the first match between Russia and Switzerland in Innsbruck. Nobody’s fans, except Russian fans does not prepare any visual actions. Euro organizers assure RUF and AFFU about aprovement on the next supporting, in case, if it will be regarding the UEFA’s rules. On a conference were manager of RUF°s international department Fedyshina Ekaterina, manager of press-centre Malosolov Andrey, manager of iniciative group Pugachev Andrey, and security officer of the stadium “Wals-Siezenheim” Rayan Olt and UEFA’s security coordinator in Austria Raynhard Rasoher. The official partner of RUF and AFFU for providing visual actions is magazine “Total football”


Blogger dan said...

You have obviously not marked as much coursework as me - I'd give him his GCSE!

I bet that's just been put through Google translator or some such. The Russians have that much contempt for you English speakers. If you are not a slav then you are nobody.

10:36 AM  
Blogger Tim & M said...

Meraiah can't believe you can understand the finer points of cricket yet not get your head around that press release.

12:29 AM  

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