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It's like having the Corders round for dinner - except the kids don't smash stuff and Mike doesn't drink all your booze. And when you're bored you can get rid of us with a mouse click rather than having to start tidying up the house.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Arm Update

I know you have all been fretting about my injured arm. Well fret no more. According to my last X-ray, the bit of bone that broke off has fused back on in the right place. A doctor told me this means they don't have to screw it back on - now they tell me - but more importantly it means I can now start exercising the arm again.
This in turn means that I can now lift my left arm away from my body which means I can (A) wash under it and (B) apply deoderant. Everybody close to me seems very happy about the last two steps.