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Sunday, January 07, 2007


No doubt at all about the christmas present of the year: Cousin Danny's Wii. For those of you living in caves, the Wii is Nintendo's newest computer games console. It differs from its rivals by getting players (I blv the technical term is Gamers) off their arses and causing them to indulge in actual physical activity by putting in their hands a wireless sort of joystick that acts as a tennis racquet, baseball bat, bowling ball, nine iron or boxing glove depending on which sport you choose. There are also a bunch of stupid role playing games where you slay dragons or some such nonsense, but for adults and some kids the real fun is the sports.
I don't think I need go into any serious detail about the actual results of the fierce men vs boys confrontations (the confrontations were fierce, not the men) that erupted as the turkey/ham/roast potatoes gradually got digested and the red wine took a hammering. After all, sport is about taking part, not winning. Suffice to say (Uncle) Will and I
(combined age 70+) were the victims of unholy beatings by (cousin) Will and Danny (combined age 20+). Will and Danny took a while to get the measure of my fast ball but once they did, they pounded them out of the baseball park with a casualness a less thick-skinned uncle might have found insulting/patronising. Will and I, on the other hand, had trouble just swinging in a straight line and rarely made any kind of contact with our opponents' dizzying array of sliders, dippers and splitters.
We gave them a slightly better run for their money at tenpin bowling but still lost before finally beating the young upstarts at golf. But even then, we called it a day after five holes because they were clearly getting the hang of it and our beginners' luck was running out.
I think both pix here are of titanic tennis battles. Esther clearly had a touch of the Sharapova about her, mercifully without the grunting while (Uncle) Will was more reminiscent of a late - already battling the belt-stretching effects of endless booze and nose candy - Ilie Nastase.
Huge fun all around. I'm desperately trying to persuade Irmie that a Wii can be extremely educational if you insert the right game and gets kids moving, and frankly should be right at the top of Esther's next birthday present list.
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