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Friday, November 23, 2007

Election day

While news agency photographers in Sydney were no doubt wandering down to Bondi to shoot lifesavers voting in their budgiesmugglers, I hauled on my wet weather gear, jumped on the bicycle and pedalled across town to the Australian embassy where I was able to do my civic duty and vote the Coalition out of office.
I've been following the polls pretty closely and it looks like the end of Howard, but I fear my local member, Phillip Ruddock, is safe in Berowra. If he does get kicked out, I think I'll fly over and celebrate myself.
I always seem to miss these generational changes in political leadership - I was in Amsterdam when Tony Blair finally kicked the Tories out of office in and now I'm on the wrong side of the world when Howard gets what's been coming to him for the last two elections.
Does this mean Peter Garrett becomes a Cabinet minister? How cool is that?


Blogger Tim & Meraiah said...

I'm afraid Peter Garrett is no longer the idealist enviro-rocker we all knew him as. He's become just another pollie. How depressing......
Tim W

4:49 PM  

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