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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saturday hockey victories

For the first time, both Esther and Julia played hockey this morning and they both won. Esther's team had taken a few nasty beatings while I was in France for the rugby, but had started fighting back by the time I got home and the first time I watched them they lost 2-1 thanks to a goal deep in injury time despite the fact that nobody had been injured. Referee's watch stopped. Scandal. Letters to the Royal Dutch Hockey Union. Sadly the score stood.
However, today they put that disappointment behind them with a 7-0 (or 8-0, you kind of lose count) victory over Leiden and Oesgeest. Esther grabbed a first-half hat-trick (while I was watching Julia) and added two more after the break by which time I'd arrived.

Meanwhile, Julia had marked her first competitive match with four goals in a 10-3(ish) win over Ypenburg on a very fancy water-based pitch.
Tears of pride and joy were very nearly shed on the sidelines of both pitches.

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Blogger dan said...

Whereas James has shocking 6 defaets and one draw for the whole season - three, count 'em, three matches lost in the final two minutes!!!!

9:46 AM  
Blogger corders said...

As a Spurs fan, you must be familiar with tossing away matches in the last few minutes. Esther's league has a very sensible policy of juggling teams into new pools after the first few games to achieve a little more parity - though Saturday's game was hardly the close-run contest the rejig was intended to foster.

12:06 AM  

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