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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Woodpile #2

Today's woodpile - with a bonus collection of antique tools and sleds thrown in for free - is brought to you courtesy of a young farmer with a savage dog who lives on the edge of Leogang. The dog strongly objected to me taking the picture, but stopped just short of mauling me to death.

This is a handsome stack indeed. I'm not sure the b&w picture shows it, but you can see that on the right is a newer stack than on the left. This seems a neat way of dealing with a problem I've been pondering ever since I began my stack studies, namely what happens when you actually want to burn a couple of logs?
The inherent problem with wood stacks is that the stuff that has been there the longest, which is therefore the driest and best for the fire, is inevitably going to be on the bottom of the pile. Yanking out a couple of choice sticks could bring your whole pile tumbling down around your Tirollean ears. I suspect people probably maintain two stacks, but this is the first example I have seen of piles next to one another.
And while you're studying the pic, check out the truly handsome stacking around the two windows. This man is a master of his craft. (I always assumed wood stacking was a guy thing, like barbecuing and smoking cigars, but like those two traditionally male pursuits women seem to be muscling in. I saw a lady lugging some pretty serious lumber around her garden the day before yesterday.


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